AI Customer Service Chatbots

Seamless AI Customer Services Chatbots

● Majesty is currently working on a Freelance project by creating unstoppable AI chatbots for Automotive companies using Amazon Lex and Google Dialogflow so they can experience the transformative benefits of increased customer satisfaction, streamlined support processes, and higher conversion rates with an estitimated revenue increase of 300%.

Luxury Hotel App Migration to the Cloud

Luxury Hotel App Migration to the Cloud

● Majesty is currently working on the migration of a luxury hotel app to the cloud using multi-cloud (AWS and GCP) and devops (Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, and Ansible).

Latest Projects


● Identified a gap in the understanding and application of Generative Artificial Intelligence, especially in Prompt Engineering, among professionals across various industries.
● Thus, I hosted a webinar to educate a diverse group of professionals on leveraging Generative AI for enhancing productivity and business communication.
● The webinar was a breath of fresh air as it achieved a 95% satisfaction rate based on post-webinar surveys. - Engaged participants from notable companies like Amazon, Correlation One, and P2A. - Recorded a 40% increase in participant knowledge about AI and Prompt Engineering, as measured by pre and post-webinar assessments.
● This experience honed my skills in effective communication and presentation skills in disseminating complex information in an understandable manner. Additionally, I learned to manage and execute a global-scale project, considering the diverse needs and backgrounds of the participants.

Dynamic Universe of Algorithms Trading


● In the endless world of cryptocurrency trading, I desired to leverage a trading algorithm that would work 24/7.
● My goal was to create a streamlined Crypto Relative Strength Index (RSI) Strategy Algorithm. This algorithm was intended to automate trading decisions based on market conditions, using Bitcoin-USDT as the benchmark.
● I created the 'ModifiedRedHornet' algorithm using the QuantConnect (QC) platform, specifically tailored for the Kraken exchange. The key components of my algorithm included: - Setting a two-year operational period (2019-2021) with an initial strategy cash of $100. - Utilizing the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Average True Range (ATR) indicators to determine entry and exit points. - Implementing a dynamic stop-loss and take-profit strategy to manage risk and optimize returns. - Writing code to execute market orders based on the RSI threshold, and adjusting orders in response to market movements.

● The 'ModifiedRedHornet' algorithm significantly improved the efficiency and profitability of Bitcoin-USDT trading on Kraken due to the following:

- Processed an average of 720 data points per month (hourly resolution). - Achieved a 20% return on investment over the two-year period. - Maintained a trade success rate of approximately 65%, with an average of 60 trades executed per month. - Reduced drawdown by 15% compared to previous manual strategies.
● This project deepened my understanding of algorithmic trading and the importance of risk management in volatile markets. It also enhanced my skills in programming and utilizing financial indicators to make data-driven trading decisions.

Open University Tableau Dashboard


● Majesty complied and clean UK College students Data in Excel and designed a dynamic real-time dashboard in Tableau for an displaying critical metrics such as ; Students by Modules, Students by Regions ...including cutting edge marketing strategy on how management can offer a top-notch experience to students.

Bird Eye View Tableau Dashboard Simple Music


● Designed a stunning and appealing automated dashboard in Tableau for an entertainment company (Simply Music) displaying various charts such as; Profits/ Revenue, Units sold per Channel , Geo-maps giving the senior management real time data for informed decisions taking.



● Majesty have been crafting and designing eye-catching graphics designs since 2018 for companies, organizations and Associations.
In addition, Majesty has developed a cutting-edge system of amazing flyers in a timely manner. Thus, I usually offer Graphics for FREE to qualifying customers.


YOOBABYYOOO, Freelance Web Designer, Lawrencenville, Georgia

● Built and deployed an e-commerce website for a client hosted on AWS.
● Developed a dynamic retention program using Excel, SQL, and Python saving 30 hours of monthly labor.


INSPIRE WEEK (By Pan-African Associates)

● Prevented scope creep and increased lead and cycle time by 205%.
● Enhanced event attendance by 50% by launching laser-focused and creative marketing campaigns.
● Designed IMPULSE (an Incubator by Pan-African Associates Inc) by using the empathy mapping technique to dive deeper into the pain of aspiring entrepreneurs thus leading to an outstanding post-event engagement of 105%

Furious Entrepreneurs (By ETECHYOU)


● Led the brainstorming and effective organization of FURIOUS ENTREPRENEURS(s an elevator Pitch contest where only 25 crazy entrepreneurs [18-35years] will pitch their innovative ideas/projects in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to investors, high personalities …in order to obtain funding, partnerships, networking and limitless opportunities ) leading to a stunning post event engagement of 25% from public recognition from nation companies and international companies.

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