Finally, the long awaited bull cycle is on with BTC previous warm-up ATH near 74k, halving few days ahead and Fed’s anticipated quantitative easing.

We all understand that timing is everything. A mere boat that rides with the waves can easily find harbor, unlike a Titanic battling against them, right?

Before diving deeper, please note: this content is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only and is NOT financial/legal advice.

And if you’re not open-minded or ready for thought-provoking content, please STOP reading now and delete this (apologies for any inconvenience).

Here are 3 epic projects I believe you should consider launching in this bullish tide:

1. Project NodeShine: An Open-Source Real-Time Dashboard with BTC Node Metrics Enhanced with AI

Let’s face it, Glassnode is not beginner friendly and relevant on-chain analyses are locked behind a paywall. Bitbo is cool but not enhanced with AI + not open source , thus diverging from Bitcoin’s “Trust but verify” principle.

Project NodeShine aims to create an open-source, real-time dashboard that displays comprehensive metrics of Bitcoin nodes, integrating AI to allow users to query and receive seamless, understandable answers.

The dashboard will provide insights into node health, transaction volumes, fee estimates, network congestion, and more, with an intuitive interface for both technical and non-technical users.

This will improve the visibility and understandability of Bitcoin node metrics, fosters a more informed and engaged community. By making it easier for users to interpret complex data through natural language queries, this project encourages broader participation in the Bitcoin network, enhances decision-making for Bitcoin businesses, and supports network security and decentralization.

2. Project Jupiter: OpenSource AI Bitcoin Developer Assistant

The sad reality is building on Bitcoin is like a journey through a dark labyrinth, with many hidden obstacles (Eg: Running a BTC node, understanding BTC Consensus and Execution layers et al) thus people must go deep down the Bitcoin Rabbit hole before realizing Bitcoin transformative power (like I did after reading the Bitcoin Standard and running my Bitcoin node).

This initiative focuses on creating an open-source artificial intelligence tool, specifically an LLM, fine-tuned on Bitcoin’s codebase (as I noticed AI Software Engineer agents such as Pythagora are limited to specific web app projects using Node, Express and MongoDB) SDKs. The goal is to assist Bitcoin enthusiasts and developers in creating Bitcoin applications seamlessly by providing code suggestions, debugging help, and best practices guidance like a breath of fresh air.

By lowering the barrier to entry for Bitcoin application development, this tool could significantly accelerate innovation within the Bitcoin ecosystem. It would enable developers to more efficiently solve complex problems, foster a wave of new applications and services, and ultimately contribute to Bitcoin’s growth and adoption.

3. El Pulpo: Robust user friendly platform offering seamlessly lending services to Bitcoiners.

Yes, you made over 10k profit on your BTC in this early bull cycle, now do you cash out?

Are you even aware of the minimum capital gain tax that awaits you?

Would you pay the same outrageous capital gain taxes if you borrowed against your BTC ?

Before you say this is bullshit as similar platforms already exist, please remember Unchained Capital (mostly cater to businesses), hodlhodl (is not the king of reliability and customer support), and other lending providers will rehypothecate your BTC and we all know how it will end (don’t take my word for it, ask Celsius).

El Pulpo aims to create a seamless, secure, and user-friendly platform that connects Bitcoin holders with lending services, enabling them to borrow against their Bitcoin without selling it, thereby avoiding capital gains taxes and leveraging their assets effectively.

Majesty Atenkhu

Majesty Atenkhu

Majesty is a versatile tech professional whom recently fell in love with Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence(AI) and is obsessed in leveraging these technologies to create a significant impact.

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