“Economics is like air and influences you weather you care about it or not.”

The recent Bitcoin Spot ETF approval by the #SEC once more legitimized #BTC as #ultrasoundmoney and the only hope to the incumbent FIAT currencies (USD, Euro et al…).

For instance, let’s say you own a wine business and the Central Bank doubles the amount of money in circulation. This will likely reduce your purchasing power and that of your customers and suppliers by half.

Thus living you with the following options;

a) Maintain your prices, swallowing the bitter cost of inflation.

b) Raise your prices, risking betrayal by your customer base.

c) Compromise on quality, offering an inferior product to survive.

Now let’s face it…which strategy would you choose?

Unless you want your company to go bankrupt, I believe a pragmatic individual will prefer option “C” .

Which angle(s) should I include in Part 2 ?

Thus, “the root of all economic evil” according to as many experts as this endless money printing creates a snowball effect in the society as compared to bitcoin (viewed by many as the future world reserve currency)

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Do you agree?

Majesty Atenkhu

Majesty Atenkhu

Majesty is a versatile tech professional whom recently fell in love with Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence(AI) and is obsessed in leveraging these technologies to create a significant impact.

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