A Dynamic IT Mastermind

boasting 6+ years of an exceptional blend of experience

About Me

A dynamic IT professional boasting 6+ years of an exceptional blend of experience, seamlessly pivoting to the
exhilarating fields of Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and AI-powered Chatbot solutions, driven by an
unwavering passion for innovation and commitment to continuous learning.


Artificial Intelligence

Prompt Engineering, AI Agents (AutoGen), Assistants API(OpenAI)

Data Analytics

Excel, SQL, Tableau, Python, Looker Studio, Webhooks, ETL, Hubble, Quicksight, Redshift, Big Querry, NoSQL, GPT 4)

Cloud Computing

AWS, GCP, Terraform, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Linux, Vagrant, GitBash, GitHub


HTML, CSS, SQL, Python, JS, Bootstrap

Project Management

Agile, Scrum, Kanban

Digital Marketing

Copywriting, Google Ads, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator


English (fluent), French (fluent), Spanish (beginner), Hindi (beginner)


Data Analytics

The phrase "Data is the new oil" can never be over emphasized especially in this New AI economy. Let me help you with Data Entry, Analysis, Visualization and Predictions there by helping you make informed business decisions and dominate the market.

Cloud Computing

Everything is now moving to the cloud...and sorry to tell you but you are MISSING OUT! If you are not in the cloud. My Multi-Cloud & DevOps skills will make your nightmare officially over.

Project Management

More than a framework Agile is a mindset. Let me coach you on how to nail your project (software/non-software) using top-notch methodologies such as; Scrum, Kanban, DevOps rather than the popular and infamous waterfall method(s).

Graphics & Web Designing

Get unstoppable Graphics and Web Designs for your company/organisation that will melt the heart of your customer and inspire them to share your business content with their family and friends without you begging them! The good new is...you will have this services for FREE if you qualify for one of my services above.

What People Say
Nsom Emmanuel
Nsom EmmanuelHuman Center Designer
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Majesty was great in completing this large project for us. He effectively communicated challenges and offered solutions where necessary. His thoroughness and dedication to accuracy is much appreciated. Majesty has an incredible talent for translating the needs of his customer into beautiful reports which are easy to read as well as informative.
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"Atenkhu Majesty is a hidden legend. I am so proud to have him as a friend and partner. I learned a lot and met amazing people being part of the top-notch events he organized in order to make African youth better entrepreneurs. I look forward being part of his crazy entrepreneurial journey."
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Majesty gave me the self confidence and support I needed to start a makeup business while I was in school. He constantly checked-up on me and challenged me to think big saying "The size of your dreams will greatly influence your future"
Marfa Al Bakry
Marfa Al Bakry Senior Data Analyst at Amazon / C1 TA
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I had the honor of assisting Majesty Atenkhu while he was getting his certification for the Data Analytics program by Correlation One. Majesty is a natural leader, and that was exemplified by how he excelled in communicating with all the staff members and showcased his skills in SQL, Excel and Tableau. He is a proper team player with high technical skills. He had an opportunity aligned for him as a Data Analyst for Amazon and during the interview I worked with him closely to help him establish a greater chance to get the position. After few weeks Majesty received an offer letter to be a DA for one of Amazons sites in Texas. Additionally, Majesty is a great presence with a creative mind and a sense of humor, making me proud to have worked with him closely during the program..
Dr Jackson
Dr JacksonMD Ottawa Canada /Pan African Associates Inc Presisent
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Seeing such a young gentleman like Majesty realize such huge projects, being humble , while aiming higher through continous improvement makes me speechless.
Timothy Parsley
Timothy ParsleyicQA AREA MANAGER - amazon
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I would highly recommend Majesty and his best assets are his strong desire for self-improvement and his entrepreneurial spirit. Majesty is passionate about technology and uses every resource at his disposal to learn more about new and emerging technologies. He also teaches online seminars hoping to educate others on the power of new technologies and inspire people to share his passion.


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