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What you are are about to hear will shock you due to the following;

Majesty is an unconventional  tech savvy gentleman with a Bachelors Degree in Animal Production Technology. However my love for technology since high school gives me 6+ years of valuable experience in different tech skills  such as; Microsoft Office, Graphics & Web Designing,  Digital Marketing.

Majesty is currently specializing in Data Engineering/Analytics, using Multi-Cloud/DevOps, AI  and Machine Learning.


My Tech acumen and proven track record of delivery valuable  helped me land a prestigious Data Analyst Role at Amazon (one of the biggest Tech and valuable companies on earth).

Working at Amazon is an amazing experince as I  am exposed to cutting edge technogies and learning  from the most skilled and smartest people in the world. 

Majesty Atenkhu teaching orphans ICT and Entrepreneurship.

Majesty Atenkhu Tsopmo founded ETECHYOU ( a  Social-Tech NGO with Mission of Making entrepreneurship the new normal in Africa). ETECHYOU has created stunning projects with the help of partners and sponsors. One of ETECHYOU core projects is FURIOUS ENTREPRENEURS which positioned ETECHYOU among the best and futuristic youths organizations in Central Africa and has been acknowlegded by the Cameroonian government, United Nations and private Investors from Canada and Africa. ETECHYOU is currently in the process of being legalized in the Texas, USA.  

Mister and Miss United Nations Cameroon

Majesty was Mister Cameroon for United Nations 2020. Thus I had the huge responsibility to be a youth ambassador of the United Nations in Cameroon. In In addition I had the opportunity and priviledge to meet amazing and influencial leaders whom gave me the leverage to carry out several social projects giving the birth to ETECHYOU.


Data Analytics

The phrase "Data is the new oil" can never be over emphasized especially in this New AI economy. Let me help you with Data Entry, Analysis, Visualization and Predictions there by helping you make informed business decisions and dominate the market.

Cloud Computing

Everything is now moving to the cloud...and sorry to tell you thus but you are MISSING OUT! is you are not in the cloud. My Multi-Cloud & DevOps skills will make your nightmare official over.

Project Management

More than a framework Agile is a mindset. Let me coach you on how to nail your project (software/non-software) using top-notch methodologies such as; Scrum, Kanban, DevOps rather than the popular and infamous waterfall method(s).

Graphics & Web Designing

Get unstoppable Graphics and Web Designs for your company/organisation that will melt the heart of your customer and inspire them to share your business content with their family and friends without you begging them! The good new will have this services for FREE if you qualify for one of my services above.


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